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Daniel Paravisini

"The knowledge Chris shares in this training has completely changed how I approach selling on eBay. If you don't understand how to keep up with the changes eBay has made recently with how items appear in search, you are working for nothing and wasting valuable time and effort. Just half of this program would be worth what he is charging. Chris is a valuable contributor to the e-commerce world. Get this Now!!!"

Daniel Paravisini, Kansas City, Missouri
Jennifer Pruslin Ouellette

"Chris is a great leader. He takes the time to test things before presenting to the team to make sure we are successful. He coaches the team on eBay best match practices so we are "top notch" not just top rated sellers!"

Jennifer Pruslin Ouellette, Westwood, New Jersey
Brian H. Dressler

"I appreciate Chris's contribution about the new search engine on eBay. My store sales were almost cut in half and I did not know why and because of Chris sharing about Cassini (the eBay Search Engine), now I understand and also understand how to fix the problem. Thank you Chris!"

Brian H. Dressler, Simpsonville, South Carolina

Exclusive Modules30 plus training modules with videos to master these Ninja tactics!

Bonus Content As new Ninja tactics are discovered, we add them to our training!

Katie Vega

"These tips are SPOT ON! Every single one of these things is so crucial to your items having success. If you're observing right now wondering if you should jump in, this is *invaluable* information!!"

Katie Vega, Columbus, Ohio
Devin Mosley

This course is a real eye opener. Its not just some tips or tricks but a way to make eBay work harder for you instead of working harder for eBay"

Devin Mosley, Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin
Claudia Collazos

"This definitely works. Listed an item 3 hours ago and already sold 2! Thank you, Chris Smith!"

Claudia Collazos, Colombia
Jimmy Mendrin

I feel very fortunate I’ve been able to work with Chris and his teachings. His coaching is extremely valuable and pivotal to my online success. Thank You!

Jimmy Mendrin, Fresno, California
Kristine Novinskie

"The trainings are really helping me to figure out the eBay search engine and how items get ranked. I really like the fact that there are answers for things I didn’t even know I had questions on yet!  Looks like Chris has covered everything for us!"

Kristine Novinskie
Jc Hernandez

"This eBay course is PURE VALUE! No fluff. Just MEAT and POTATOES! Chris took what seemed to be complicated and made it easy to understand."

Jc Hernandez , Cape Coral, Florida
Becky Sanfilippo

"Chris Smith is by far the best coach, and leader, I've worked with. His hard work and dedication are bar none. He wants everyone to succeed and he's there to give a helping hand every step of the way."

Becky Sanfilippo, Jamestown, New York
Steven Francois

"Ever since I used Chris' training for eBay, I been having a lot of success in my business!

Steven Francois, Brooklyn, New York
Joanne Twardowski

"Chris Smith brings you great insight into the eBay marketplace. His coaching is presented in a way that is clear and understandable, with very practical application. You'll appreciate his expert leadership as he walks you through techniques to enhance your business."

Joanne Twardowski, Lancaster, NY
Christopher Reese

"I applied your tips to a product the other day that wasn't getting much action. Less than 12 hours later - Boom! 2 sales! Thank you!"

Christopher Reese , Tacoma, Washington
Aaron Decker

"Outstanding program put together by Chris Smith. Chris had put his heart and soul into this program and it shows. The training material is outstanding. You will not be disappointed with this purchase"

Aaron Decker, Bellevue, Ohio
Michael Lemon

"This information is both invaluable and amazing! All of the "trial and error" has already been done! If one doesn’t succeed with this info it can only be because one failed to act!"

Michael Lemon , Greenville, Ohio